Nov 1, 2010

What Are the Best Gourmet Gift Baskets? Use the Following Criteria to Decide

By Michelle Reynolds

It is often hard to find the perfect gift for someone's special occasion. However, it can be safely said that the gourmet gift baskets are ideal choices for all people. They are practical and can match even the most exquisite taste. Moreover, there isn't a person who does not like food. Your main aim, as a buyer, is to choose one of the best gourmet gift baskets available on the market. Here are some helpful tips that will help you with this task. Use these criteria to make the right choice.

The best gourmet gift baskets are the ones that contain a variety of foods. It is true that boxes with honey and tea have gained huge popularity for being unconventional and unique, but these are a little bit plain, unless you plant to present them to people who are actually huge tea and honey fans. A really great present box will contain some salty foods, such as cracker, nuts, cheese or pate. It will also have a range of sweets. The dried fruit and the ones covered with chocolate are excellent choices for every basket. A box of fine chocolates is simply a must. It is best, if it is accompanied by some cookies with subtle taste or a type of cake that is suitable for breakfast or dessert. The fruit baskets are also great choices. They are particularly trendy at the moment. Again, they do not have to contain only fruits. They can come with cheese and perhaps some salami.

The best gourmet gift baskets contain drinks or at least ingredients for them. A box of tea is an excellent addition to the fine foods such a present contains. It is the ideal choice if you do not know whether the recipient drinks alcohol or not. Fine alternative to tea are gourmet cocoa, hot chocolate and the different types of coffee drinks, such as cappuccino. Of course, red wine will complement excellently classic gift baskets that have salty and sweet foods or fruit. White wine is not a particularly classy choice, unless it is for a person or people who really love it. Champagne, on the other hand, is a must for all the best gourmet gift baskets that are designed for the celebration of a special occasion, such as a company or personal success, birthday, wedding or St. Valentine's Day. This is the general rule, irrespective of whether the person is a drinker or not.

The best gourmet gift baskets have products of the highest quality that come from brands with long traditions in the production of gourmet food. In fact, recent trends command for the products to be from one and the same brand, but this is not a must if you are certain that the treats come from top makers. More importantly, the best baskets come with an automatic guarantee of the freshness of the foods and their fine condition, upon delivery. This is particularly applicable to gifts that contain fruits.

Finally, the best gourmet gift baskets have elegant and stylish basket design and decoration. The different items have matching colors and sizes. The ribbon is the only decorative piece.

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